Unai Artetxe Fernandez

Unai is an Architect licensed in Spain and a consultant to leading A/E/C firms. Unai has over a dozen years of international architectural design experience and has led numerous award-winning projects in Miami, New York, Barcelona & Mexico City.


Projects led by Unai include the installation for the London Design Biennale 2016, the New Airport of Mexico City, the Latin American Art Museum in Miami and the “Your Are The Context” launch exhibition in the Salomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York City. 

Born and raised in the Basque country. He is a graduate from the Escola d’Arquitectura de Barcelona. Unai combines his passion for design with his love for cooking and celebrating with friends around a dinner table.

LDB 1-01
LDB 2-01
LDB 3-01
LDB 4-01
LDB 5-01
NAICM 1-01
NAICM 2-01
NAICM 3-01
NAICM 4-01
NAICM 5-01
NAICM 6-01
LAAM 1-01
LAAM 2-01
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LAAM 4-01
LAAM 5-01
LAAM 6-01
LAAM 7-01

Liana Giménez Lastres

Liana is an Architect, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and a published Photographer. She is a licensed Architect in Spain and has over ten years of experience with projects spanning the globe. She has worked as a designer for a wide range of project types from a small rural community centers to high-end estates in on the East Coast.

She was born and raised in Barcelona, she received her early education at the Lycée Français de Barcelona and studied architecture at the Escola d’Arquitectura de Barcelona. She was awarded a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Spain as an assistant researcher for an on going study of the evolution of multi-family housing Projects in Barcelona. She has ongoing collaborations with artists and performers and on rare occasions she has even collaborated as a back up singer.

Havard Cooper III

Havard is a Designer & Architect licensed in New York, Connecticut and Illinois. He has over a decade experience working in award-winning prestigious high-end residential and hospitality projects. Havard has led projects in The West Indies, The Hamptons, New York City, Stockholm and Saudi Arabia. 

Notable residential projects Havard worked on include Tower D, Hudson Yards, 456 Washington and One Madison Park.

Havard grew up in the UK and West Indies and graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Professional Master of Architecture. Havard also been a guest design critic at Savannah College of Art & Design and Pratt Institute.

One Madison Park 1
One Madison Park 2
One Madison Park 3
One Madison Park 4
460 Washington 1-01
460 Washington 2-01
460 Washington 3-01
460 Washington 4-01
460 Washington 5-01
460 Washington 6-01
460 Washington 9-01
460 Washington 8-01
460 Washington 7-01
460 Washington 10-01
460 Washington 11-01
460 Washington 12-01
One Madison Park 1
One Madison Park 2
One Madison Park 4
One Madison Park 3

Albert Figueras Roca

Albert is an Architect and Urban Planner with a decade of experience working in award-winning design firms. His experience includes commercial and cultural new buildings, multi-family and single family residential, public space and urban interventions, as well as art installations. He has delivered projects in cities worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Calgary, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Milan and Sao Paulo.

Albert earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from  ETSAB - Architecture School of Barcelona. He is a registered architect in Spain - member of COAC - and holds a LEED Green certification. Albert loves traveling and tries to visit new places whenever he can. He is a proud parent to a cockapoo and a family of succulents.

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