block  (en) /blɒk/  |  bloque  (es) [ˈ]

bloq synthesizes the multi-cultural and diverse environment of our practice.


bloq was born from our conviction to put the traditions of design and architecture on trial. We believe our profession is a craft and we propose alternatives to the aesthetic homogenization running rampant in the discipline.

We design buildings,  spaces and experiences in  2D | 3D | 4D.


We challenge the status quo by scrutinizing expectations of program, materiality and structure. Whether designing a house, a building or a city we focus on studying the basic building bloqs that may, individually, be ordinary; and we reassess and use them in bespoke manner to comprise something unorthodox—something better. Something that is more than the sum of its parts. 


We are a Brooklyn-based collaborative practice. We speak five languages, represent cultures across the globe and combine the architectural traditions of Europe, West Indies and North America. Together we hold 50 years of cumulative experience with projects across 20 countries bringing inspiring visions to life and creating memorable human experiences.

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